Rafa Mithuna of Prescott



"Everything exists within a context. Within that context, most things are ordinary. A precious few are different. They go beyond what is expected. They are extraordinary. We call them ART. Once, we built with enduring materials that lasted for generations. We took pride in what we did with our own hands and worked with loving attention. We built for our great-grandchildren. What we produced was real. "

It's a far cry from things made on the other side of the world that are meant to be replaced year after year because they are constructed with cheap materials; trendy goods from an age when how something looks is more imporatant than how it IS. His heart lies with the generations of American men and women who toiled in American factories in times when quality and durability mattered most - a time when things were vital and real. Rafa's love of old, rusty, weathered relics is for the items he resurrects - things he has "re-cast from the past" or re-purposed; something enduring into something beautiful and useful. Many times it is in contrast to its original purpose.

Rafa himself is an enigma -  a water-colorist gone welder.  He couldn't have ventured farther from that soft, watery world when he entered  the hard, rusty world of old steel, man made, in America.

Bill Buehler of Flagstaff


Bill Buehler has always had a love for WWII vehicles and artillery. He has been restoring WWII vehicles for over 25 years. Restorations include Jeeps, Weasels, Halftracks, Large Artillery pieces, Tanks, Vintage Harleys and much more. With times changing he has broadened his interests and is always on the lookout for other 'manly' items, and now has a love for old vitage signs, yard art, decor and antiques of all kinds....anything 'rusty' and 'cool'.

Bill Buehler was also featured in Arizona Daily Courier - Flagstaff


Bill Buehler of Flagstaff Lovingly Restores Military Vehicles for a Hobby

Sitting in the dark of a large warehouse, the bulky military vehicle, resting on worn rubber tracks, painted primer red and minus its turret, is but a shadow of its imposing World War II presence.. . . READ FULL ARTICLE.

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